Board of Library Directors Information

Statement of Responsibilities

I. As stated in the Burlington Town Charter, the Board of Library Directors shall consist of nine members appointed by the Selectmen for four year terms. Board members shall:

  • regularly attend all board meetings
  • make sure complete minutes are kept of all board and committee meetings, review them carefully and make them available to the town clerk within 48 hours
  • make sure additional information pertinent to any transactions are added to the minutes
  • seek legal advice in areas where one has serious reservation
  • mention any possible conflict of interest and thereupon abstain from discussing further or voting on the matter
  • not use the position for own personal advantage
  • follow the Freedom of Information Act when calling a special meeting

II. Financial support shall be rendered by town tax money, gifts and State grants. The Board of Library Directors shall be authorized to expend for library purposes all money appropriated or donated to the library.

III. The Board of Library Directors shall have the power to approve the rules and regulations for the proper operation and management of the library.

A. Policies, regulations, and procedures shall be developed and implemented within the legal framework that applies to the library. This includes the United States Constitution, including the First and Fourteenth Amendment and all other applicable federal, state, and local legislation.

B. The Board of Library Directors shall develop guidelines consistent with the Library Bill of Rights, its Interpretations , and the needs of the community.

Current Board Members

  • Sanford Mazeau, President
  • Sandra Hierl, Vice President
  • Craig Winter, Treasurer
  • Teri Beck, Secretary
  • Jennifer Cavallari
  • Daniel Cooper
  • Debbie Fields
  • Sarah McCusker
  • Mary Art