Art Displays

The Burlington Public Library is pleased to offer two locations for artists and collectors to display their pieces. Check back regularly to see who is currently on display at the Library.

If you are interested in displaying your art or your collection, please contact us at 860.673.3331.

Anne Walluk Community Room

Please visit the Anne Walluk Community Room to see pieces by Corrin Zareck.

Artist’s Statement:

Highlighting the Beauty of Imperfections

I have gained an appreciation for the abandoned materials that surround us. In 2015, I drove by a family having a bon fire, burning  all of the wood and materials from a 100 year old barn that was on their property in Harwinton, Ct. I quickly asked to take the remaining pieces, knowing that I would one day repurpose them. 

The majority of items that I use in my work  have been collected since this day.  From Connecticut barns that have been torn down, structural items that I have seen on the side of the road, to materials from various construction sites in Connecticut. I find beauty in the rusty, worn out nature of the items that I collect. I feel that these items have lived a life of their own and the imperfections of the pieces are telling of their life’s story and the things that they may have “seen” or experienced. Cracks, holes, and chipping paint resemble age and strength similar to the wrinkles of an aging man or woman. 

Using a juxtaposition of new materials in my artwork highlights the beauty of these imperfections. My newly discovered love for painting grew to resemble reflections and shimmering of water inspired by my childhood memories of growing up on a lake. Leaving traces of the patinaed barn wood, I react to the imperfections while layering various painting techniques, leading to other-worldly, abstract landscapes. The metallic paint illuminates the most interesting areas found within the wood, resembling city lights or water reflections while a matte haze creates a cloud-like texture. Furthering these experiments in combination with sculptural elements from newly found objects, my work constantly develops into new directions.

Corrin Zareck

Lobby Display Case

This month, our lobby display case features a variety of Little Golden Books from the collection of Trish Hart.