Library Director

Greetings Readers!
I have to confess, the library is keeping a lot of secrets and I’ve decided to spill the beans.
Your library card gives you access to more than you might realize. Sure, we all know about the books and the DVDs but how about museum passes? Have you been wanting to explore the grounds of the Hillstead Museum? Or maybe check out the fairy houses at the Florence Griswold Museum? Well, the library offers free or reduced museum passes for 12 CT museums. Does Google become overwhelming when you are trying to decide which new car or appliance to buy? Well, why not check out the Consumer Reports database (accessible on our website) to help you with your search. Excited to try out some home renovation projects or maybe a new recipe? Check out one of our many magazines full of inspiration! Did your heroics on the sports field make it to the pages of the Hartford Courant and you’d love to see the article again? Access it through our ResearchIT CT database. I hope that all of you take a few moments to peruse our website to see all of the different services and materials we provide – you might find something new to use your card for! And, since I’m telling secrets, I’ll let you know that we have some exciting projects that we’re working on and looking forward to bringing to you all soon!
March is going to be a fun month! We have a great variety of programs happening as well as the Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale! Visit our online calendar to see what we have planned this month.
We look forward to seeing you at the library!